Samus vs. Master Chief

Samus vs. Master Chief…Who would win?

  • (1) Samus Aran
  • (2)Master Chief
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Please provide valid reasons for your opinion.

After playing both HALO & the Metroid Series I’ve concluded that Samus would win almost easily.


The size ratio of player to bosses…Samus almost always goes up aganist something at least twice her size…and wins.

Master Chief rarely goes up against anything twice his size (vehicles not included)

The power of Samus’ weapons…heavy hitting-beam weapons mostly unlimited.

I have more reasons but I would have to elaborate over them a bit to put them down how I would like.

This topic is so over used.

I thought this would have become apparent by now. ← First topic. General gaming discussion. Good day. =)

EDIT : Samus would win. And do not put any of that crap “well without her suit lolol”, because Master Cheif has to gain his weapons and such too. =)