samus sprites

i was wondering if anyone here knew of zero mission samus sprites, but without the arms

basically, a samus with no arms, showing chestpiece.

can someone help me with that? :smiley:


Smartdude wants Samus’s chest, eh?

EDIT: There isn’t a single chest… I tried to piece together one, but there are at least two different chests for her… :frowning:

alright, thanks for help…

…i saw that coming…

…i delayed posting it for like 10 minutes wondering to myself…



…im just asking for a chest joke…


…nah…i would give myself crap no matter what…

…ah hell…"

here ya go!:E
also,id like to get my name changed to metroid dude since im technically no longer a kid…

um…sorry to say, but i needed side view, rather than front view.

like that, but the full sheet?

yes! that is exactly it dude!

lol, you put the A and B as if someone wouldn’t notice lol…


anyways, that is most awesome, where did you find them? :smiley:

made it.

can you do the same with the running (slanted body) one?

if so, i think i can just copy the chest, and ill do the rest of it.

logs out for night

your idea wont look good.give me about a week and ill finish the rest.want the suitless,varia and gravity as well?

ha ha,you wouldnt believe some of the retards ive met…

Lol. I was gonna point that out, but I dont think Retards dont frequent this forum that often.

Anyhow, It’ll take a while to do all that editing. What for?

Wait, wait. You want editted versions?
I thought you were looking specifically for the original sprite…

i just want it to look like it belongs…

i mean…his even if it isn’t exact looks damn good (congratz on that)

but putting a block over it doesn’t quite fix it.

i tried…

anywho…i am simply looking for a version of them that is reasonable, and without arms, so i can make 360 aiming (thus you only need the base directions, and hopefully not seperate aiming directions)

progress update.

very good!

also, you shouldn’t have to make the seperate frames if they look the same (such as where all that changes is the light), just the basics should do.

once again, they look just as good as if nintendo provided them.

(also, the transition between facing right and left shouldn’t be required for the sprites, where the cannon is sideways and such)

heres an idea!circle all the ones you want edited,so it will save us both some time!

even though thats alot,it sure makes less for me to do!


thanks a lot man! :smiley:

while you work on that, i plan on experimenting with gamemaker a bit.

no prob! i have looked everywhere, and i think im the only one here who has willingly worked for a complete stranger,but for no pay!it must mean a lot to you to find out people wont just ignore you.