Samus Sprite - MZM/MP2 Style Varia Cross

This is my first serious spriting attempt. I apologize if anyone thinks it’s so bad it’s blasphemous. -.-;

This image is copyright . Permission must be asked if used in any type of image or animation. Also if edited. ? ST-X 2006.

(If that was unnecessary, sorry. ^______^; )

EDIT: Samus Aran and related characters are property of Nintendo.

It only took five minutes. Genetic engineering hasn’t advanced that far yet. I fixed the permissions. You just completely tried to say yourself that copyrights shouldn’t be used, and thank you SOOOO MUCH for making me feel so welcome here at the P2D forum. e_________e;

How did you do that?It looks cool!

She’s cute :3

…but she needs a lot of work. She’s innacurate, misproportioned, and her legs suck.

First: what are you trying to get here? Are you doing a general Samus, a specific game’s Samus, or something else?

The sprite … ~.~

I am not even gonna go there.

But what really got me was the text under it.

Dude, I dont care if you made the f’cking sprite from scratch and it took a year. You cant copywrite an idea that Nintendo all ready copywrited! You could probly grow a freakin Metroid and Nintendo would still have the rights to it. So cut that out, please, nobody is gonna steal your sprite.

and if they do they get banned. :wink:

That’s a cute Samus with poor shading and poor proportions that probably are the reason it’s cute.

I despise copyrights in every case.

I realize it is property of Nintendo and I forgot to put the credits to them in. I was kind of rushed considering I went down to Los Angeles for three days on vacation. e.e; Shading sucks because it was done in Paint on Zoom number 6, and the legs suck because I just can’t sprite legs. e________________e; Above post edited.

well, i really dont like it… come back with a remade one with the right proportions ^^

oh, and, dont complain about paint… :imp:

paint is uber :^_^:

I use Paint for everything because I tried Photoshop and whatever I made was deformed.

dude… Are you giving him orders?

no… im saying if he wants me to like it then come back w/ better one… im sorry, i didnt phrase that right.

your advice doesnt sound to helpfull at all… almost sounds like a putdown.

Indeed. Saying “come back” implies that he has to leave first, implying further that he is wanted to get out of here because he sucks so much. (which I assume is not what HP meant to say as it is not true :stuck_out_tongue:)

As for the sprite, it does look really cute, though maybe a little too rectangular and straight.

I really like it.

And there’s nothing wrong with a copyright; it prevents theft, which is wrong. :slight_smile:

Nothing prevents theft. :slight_smile:

I wish I knew how to sprite…Looks really good and yes very cute.

That’s the sad truth.

True noting can stop someone form stealing something and by the good samus sprite and continue working on it to make it look better.

Unless it’s not actually copyrighted and you just say it is.

About the sprite: I agree it is cute. I kinda like it.
“The way in which copyright protection is secured is frequently misunderstood. No publication or registration or other action in the Copyright Office is required to secure copyright.”