Samus running

Samus runs like a sixty-year-old man powerwalks. It’s disturbing and unneccesary. It also repulses me from the game. It’s mostly the arm movements that are bad. The legs also swing out a little too far and are too unbeding. I am aware how much some of you hate Super Metroid (BTW it’s Dissident here Dazzy/Dazuro) but I think you ought to take a lesson from it. Or Zero Mission.

Super Metroid had even worse running then Prime 2D has. Samus doesn’t even hunch her back a bit in Super.

If anything needs work it’s the walking–it’s stiffer than a ‘priest at a playground’, to quote… er… someone… actually, that might be me, but that’s not the point.

In any case, it’s extremely stiffly animated, and MH refuses to even work on THAT one, so I highly doubt he’s gonna do crap about the running, which is a lot better, if not perfect.

MH refuses to work on it? If I recall…

No offence or anything, but it seems like he’s not “showing some maturity and accepting it and improving his work.”

Aw, give em a break man. I wouldn’t want to work on them either that much myself if I were making them. I mean, it’s obvious why MH doesn’t redo the walking, and it’s also obvious why he made the grapple beam come out of Samus’ cannon instead of the left arm version grapple beam: He’s so sick of working on this project he wants nothing else to do with it, therefore he’s cutting corners to get it done quicker. Same thing with you Daz. If we all said right now that your pirates needed to be fixed, you say that they would be perfect and we don’t know what we’re talking about. If this project were in a hospital it would be in a coma. Everyone team member here is just sick of P2D, plain and simple. We can’t hold it against you guys though. For all the work and time you have put into this you deserve a friggin’ award. Anyway, if anything I said was true, then lets just leave it at that.

If anything you said is true, then I really think those working on this project ought to take a break. I don’t want to see rigor mortis samus walking around blue-blockland shooting single-sprite pirates with orange dots.

Also, I was basing my complaint off of the weapons testing demo. The running is much better (or less obvious) in the physics testing demo.

And I’ll just suggest you all to stfu, because you are talking about things you have no idea about.

First of all, MH is indeed working on his Samus sprites, and has insisted many times in re-doing the walking. There are just some other things that take priority up now, as he is working privately with me in another project.

As for P2D being in coma, I won’t deny that, but we have awesome members in our team that are workin a lot and giving more than excellent results.

Daz would also re-do his pirates if whatever fix you notified him of was sufficiently proven and backed up with reasonable arguments.

In short, the TRUE team members of this project, the ones that keep P2D afloat in these dark, to say the best, days, never stopped, never will stop, and never will lose faith about the project.

And in fact, you’ll only have to wait until the next OFFICIAL demo of P2D is released. It could be coming sooner than you all expect!

I guarantee you, it will bring life back to the project better than a 360 J dephibrilation would!

The pirates have been WIP for about two years, and I’m still frequently working to improve them, so what he said there is totally true. :stuck_out_tongue: I’ve remade them three times from scratch now… ^^;

Yes, few people are working on P2D at the moment, but those taht are are giving it their all. CFX and I are still working very often, Tim was spriting quite strongly until he went on vacation, and Sloth is pumping out awesome backgrounds every two days or so. Dead, P2D is not.

… MH finally agreed to redo the walking? Huh, last I checked he hadn’t. Well, that’s good to hear. ^^;