Samus run cycle....

hey, great project that you guys have going on here. Hope that it turns out really well in the end!

I Liked the demo…

the one thing that stuck out the most though was Samus’ run cycle. I think it could use a bit more work. As it is now, it looks quite stiff, and “gamey”
I understand that it is still a work in progress, but here are some suggestions:

Shoulder balls: move them forward and backward a bit as she plays through her cycle, so that at one extreme, you can see a bit of her back, and the other extreme, it covers a bit of her visor glass.
On the ball also, if you could animate the highlight of light on top of the shoulder. It looks fine when she stands still, but looks funny to see the highlight itself rotating with the shoulder.

Head pivot: Her head would probably rotate back and forht just a few degrees. Showing a bit of that would help out, so that it doesnt look like her helmet is perfectly aligned forward all the time (even though her eyes underneath may be!)

More emphasis on Samus feet planting on the ground. It looks like there is a frame or two where her foot is planted on the ground. maybe slow down this part, so you really see her foot planted, and then push off as she steps… and perhaps darken the leg in back so that the two legs dont appear as flat, and blend into one another. (same with arms as well?)

The Super Metroid run cycle is a great one, and looks and feels like a solid run.

A couple things I’d like to point out is that her beam is screwd up in the runing animation, like it gets cut off and is not very detailed.

Lower the frame rate.

That is not the Super Metroid run! but then again i haven’t played SM for a while…

… Yes it is.

hey guys

version .02 has a problem where if u jump and look up/down and shoot the cannon is pointing forward but the beam goes up/down. i didnt kno wher to post this so it is posted in several forum lovations. great project u guys are doing keep up the good work. love metroid till the end. finnished all games!

Sir, if you have read the post about it, it says that looking down\up does not work.