Samus' Income

My brother and I were discussing this the other day, and I thought that if she’s a one-woman army, she’s perfectly justified in asking for as much money as it would cost for an army, right? From what I understand, that’s trillions of dollars.

So, the first question: is she really that filthy rich?

And the second, what does she do with her money?

I don’t think she gets paid that much :confused: but I bet she gets paid alot besides it’s fun to blow up electrocute an vaperize space pirates :smiley:

Well she isn’t paid enough to be able to retain her powerups mission to mission, so not much.

yeah, she pawns them for gas money! :laughing:

No, she always loses them at the beginning of each game… She=dumb.

She dosn’t pay for her power ups they were made by the Chozo.I don’t know how she loses all of her power ups but she dosn’t have to pay for them.And the Federaion should pay for gas and other expenses :confused:


metroid 2
super metroid

Thank you! (and the original metroid, who said Samus never had missions before the metroids?)

Maybe the federation takes her upgrades to study and reverse engineer them. Or maybe they (Nintendo) hasn’t felt like coming up with an excuse for why you don’t have all the weapons from a previous game that would let you easily beat a newer one. I mean imagine starting off with a weapon like the Omega Cannon.

If I were Samus, I would ask for a slightly above-average award. By my guess that would probably be 55,000cr at most :blush:

just steal from the pirates

Yeah right. Samus, STEAL?! Get real… :unamused:

I don’t think the Pirates have money…

Ya thay share their resorses their all for the same gole any way

Um, I’d ask for a LOT more than a car if I was gonna blow up a planet.

I mean, a LOT more. She’s a moron if she asks for less than a billion dollars, IMO.

And what, do you somehow know what a car might cost at that time? >_> I also didn’t mention blowing up planets. You just add a few 100,000cr and use your imagination for each of the truly life-threatening and difficult tasks.

…I’d just ask for a Revolution. XD

No how about 30,000’000,000,000 thats how much I’d want paid :smiley:>

how about this: all purchases charged to GFed credit, no limit

I don’t think Samus would ask for so much… She’d want to be a good influence on babies(1-8 years old).