samus costume

a samus costume would be expensive, but im willing to pay wads of cash for something like that. how would it be made? the helmet would be easy, and the arm cannon.

Depends on what you want it for. If you just want it for display you should just save money and get those cardboard displays they have in stores from eBay. Otherwise if you want to wear it you’re gonna have to find someone who specializes in making Medieval Armor and give him a concept art of Samus. Good luck on that. Seeing how you want to make it yourself here is what I’m going to say to it: NO WAY! Those cheap fabric costumes will make you look VVEERRYY bad and it will take a long time for you to make a metal one - more time than you have to offer. To make a working Samus costume (with actual guns and stuff) please wait for another 1000000 years.

You can make your own costume
I mean…Its not hard to make it,all you need is metal parts,tools,rubber and spray cans

what about the shoulders? well, if u use a bike helmet or something for the headpeice. maybe disected helmet components for the shoulders would, or could work, besides, i dont need real guns…yet

how about using helments from WWII german soldiers?

:metroid: well, i would use an altered biker helmet, cut in visor shape and those pipes on the side of the helmet. then use green glass for the visor. my uncles a glassworker, so he could do it.

or acrylic, either way. and stuff onthe inside of the visor like the prime games: two words- VERY HARD

are you trying to make a REAL samus Suit?
if you do[:sweat:]…no comment

Its gonna take too long and waste too much time.

and besides, its impossible to manipulate the gravity in water >_> I think this topic has gone too far.

He wouldnt be able to make a real arm cannon…or even the visors

Who would want to use a girliesuit anyway?
Buy yourself a Mjolnir suit and feel the testosteron rush through you when you smack som kids with your shotgun instead.

no, i mean MODEL not a suit to wear.

O in that case go on eBay and look for those cardboard promo displays. Best you can get that is realistic. Last time i checked it went out for a buck (the one I looked through). But that was 2 months ago you might be unlucky. Otherwise carve with wood or something.

my friend has a 4 foot tall replica of samus
he got it for $200 on Ebay

thats so awsome… ecept… 200 FUCKIN DOLLAH!?!

oh, and how do you spell ecept again?