samus and space pirate front views

can someone help me find a front view of samus in all of here suits? and maybe some space pirate pics too

Hmm, not sure about pirates but here’s some Samus sprites.

Just be sure to give Infinity’s End credit if you use them.

an exact front view of samus like a spread sheet

Shouldn’t this be moved to the graphics board?

why it’s not about sprites just pics

Hence graphics board, not sprites board. -_-

is any body going to help me?

You won’t find anything pirate-wise unless you want the ones from Super. I collect pirate sketches for obvious reasons and they’re almost all in weird views or poses.

ok what about samus?

Maybe they can’t find what you’re looking for?

I will see if I got some.

if you do that would be awsome :smiley:

if you mean pics like this, i got power, varia, gravity, phazon and fuision (all 4) from prime:

thats good but what about a straght head on view?


  • what do you mean?

… Uhm, that’s about as close to a straight front view as you can get. Most Samus pictures are action shots after all.

If someone has an emulator or a computer- cam they would be able to send you a head on pic. I however, have neither.

HERE are some…


also real face:

Google is your friend(and emulators…and roms) :mrgreen:

Man. Those comics kick ass.

Hoestly though. Where did you get them?

Stop saying that! You’ve said it like 8 times now. It’s getting really irritating.