Samus adventure thread

Hi, I’m Zeninko and this is the “Samus Adventure Thread”

You can make any power ups, enemies, bosses, change samuses suit.
The only thing that has to stay the same is the main character is samus.

Well i guess thats it. Hope your stories are ones to remember! :smiley:>

Metroid obilveon

She picks up a destress call on the planet TREM she gose to investergate and she finds the place infested with Space Pirates. But there’s something not right there all dead…

she finds the last log acont Saying: SPACE PIRATE LOG ACOUNT NO. 11748
The fallen have escaped EVAQUATE now…

she finds the portal and it apears to be broken. But then the ticking sound the blast light and its all over…

the blast made samus lose her vara sute power sute she still has her zero sute

She finds that she must have been atacked bye the fallen

she knows that to get the portal working agen she must find 4 elements of water ice fire and supernatral she battels for them using her gun and her light saber gun thing