SA-X vs. Dark Samus

Who would win?

  • SA-X
  • Dark Samus
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Ok, so I’m bored.

I think Dark Samus would kick ass. What with her Phazon attacks and ability to turn invisible.

Her? Don’t you mean “its”? :stuck_out_tongue:
I think SA-X would win, what with it being able to mimc things and stuff.

…yeah, that sounded intelligent. :unamused:

SA-X is actually samus so she could win but if DS would jump over SA-X and shoot and keeps doing this over and over she would win :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

anyway they both have a great chance to win but if they both fight in a room with no phazon and DS would be in her ‘‘3d form’’ she would win cause nothing but phazon could break that shield.

But ‘‘maybe’’'SA-X could mimic DS I don’t know if she could do that cause DS is also a metroid, not really sure if DS could absorb SA-X :confused:
DS has the greatest chance to win so I vote DS… :smiley:

SA-X has Ice Beam, and Dark Samus is kind of a metroid, right?

She’s Metroid Prime. >_>

Yeah but Samus could defeat MP or DS so why shoudn’t SA-X achieve that…???
she’s a complete copy of Samus…

No, I’m saying that the SA-X could beat DS because of Ice Beam, right?

Don’t know that for sure cause in MP2E you have the dark beam instead of the ice beam…

Well, seeing as how Metroid Prime wasn’t even affected by the ice beam, I don’t think Dark Samus is gonna take much of a hit from it, much less be frozen from it.

Anyway, DS would win, hands down.She can fly, and is full of powerful phazon attacks, which are obviously very effective against the varia suit alone.

DS pwnz SA-X. Period.

Dark Samus would kick its ass. See, SA-X has everything Samus has… except intelligence. She’s a terrible fighter, to be blunt. Dark Samus has variations almost of everything Samus has, and a fwe more attacks… plus she’s quite intelligent.

For that alone she’d win, if ya ask me.


if mp was from the dark world, wouldn’t the light beam work against it(not that sa-x has that)

Um, DS/MP isn’t from the dark world. It’s just a Phazonized metroid with a varia on crack.

Dark Samus hands down. All Dark Samus woul need
to do is shoot the SA-X and jump over it, repeat that a few times and you win.

lol, it doesn’t even need to jump. Just fly over the dumb thing and super missle it to death. For the ultimate spanking, DS could go invisible and super missle it. I don’t think SA-X came with a dark visor, lol

Well, it has everything from Super, and she had an x-ray visor there… might work.

but if phazon came from the dark world, then wouldn’t mp?

SA-X i think would win because of the way that she can hunt down samus in fuson with not even thinking now that is cool i want to be able to track like her

I am gonna be very unoriginal and say Dark Samus for some obvious reasons.

Reason 1: The only reason Samus beat DS is because she didnt have just the varia suit like the SA-X has.

Reason 2: The SA-X couldn’t beat regular samus and Dark Samus is more powerful than Fusion samus. Hands down DS would win.

Reason 3: As for the thing about the SA-X being a copy of samus i need only quote the scan. Addressing samus from her scan log… “The presence of you’re DNA as well as a version of the varia suit is present in Dark Samus.” More or less anyway.

I HEART :metroid:

Dark Samus, because Dark Samus IS the Metroid Prime, and Metroids eat X parasites