I know from -

it looks like i dont like runescape, but, im on a computer that cant handle WoW atm and i dont have anything else to do, so i’ve been getting into it lately. here i am:

Spinetingle - Combat Level 55

those screenshots are recent; but i intend to be getting 20K iron and 40K coal soon and smith a ton of steel plates (to add to the hundred i have right now) and high alch them for 900 gold of pure profit, and experience in magic, mining, and smithing! according to’s experience to level table, after all that mining is done i should have enough experience to get me to 85 mining so i can mine rune!!

^The look here circles on the skill table indicates a highscore

post your own profiles here or just discuss it.

I used to play. Haven’t played in about a year though.

Yeah, sometime in the middle, I lost some rune in the wildy, and gave up on making money to buy armor. Started working on my magic. All my friends stopped playing, so I got bored. My bro pops in occasionally though.

really? i lost full rune and a rune scimmy in the wildy >.<

sux, doesn’t it?

where do you get the mage outfits again?

Killing certain enemies, I can’t remmeber. I havne’t played the game in ages.

wow seeing this makes me miss playing it almost everyday
i sorta got bored of it and quit more than 2 years ago O.o
i gave the account away to my friend even though i was a forum mod
look me up in the highscores (user=bladder 12 7) i was younger when i made it and thought i was spelling “blade-der” T_T

Lol, how old are you now?

I could pop in occasionally, but it just feels so…nerdy? Not that Im saying I’m not a nerd or something (honestly), but whatever motivated me to get that far isnt there anymore.

it is very time consuming, and utterly boring to train skills past 60…

RH - you can just check date of birth in their profile section by clicking the username.

…i knew that. >_<

haha sorry. i sometimes remind myself of my parents talking to me like i don’t know anything. >.<;

anyone still play this game? I’ve picked it up again. the gfx have really improved compared to those screenshots

i havent played in a loooong time

I mostly play WoW honestly, but my friends play RS. Some are a bit rich. LIke 2.2 Mil or more. I’m some broke ass noob.

WoW = fail


Nope… Can’t remember the pass to my Uber account either. :confused:

fail, its calling pom by his old name because the topic is so old >_>

Epic Lulz. And even though WoW is overpriced, its the most fun EVAR!!1

Nice. I tru that.