Rubik's Cube

On Sunday, I spent most of my day amusing myself by programming a Rubik’s Cube (solely because somebody gave me one and I saw the Cube in the movie Pursuit of Happiness), which I named GLRubix because I programmed the graphics with OpenGL. Interfacing via mouse is difficult due to the design of 3D graphics engines, so I just set up the mouse as a view rotation tool. Also, I coded a reverse-operation Cube-solver, but not an actual AI, as that would be twice as difficult as if I had not screwed up when placing the cubies’ faces. (ie. the face located at 2,0 should be at 0,0, and the one at 2,2 should be at 2,0.)

I hope someone gets more enjoyment out of playing with this than I got out of programming it, which was pretty fun. :stuck_out_tongue:

You can download it here.