Royal Marines

I am, as one or two of you are aware, a writer. My ‘grand project’ shan’t be posted online, but a bit of information can be found if you ask nicely. What will be posted in this thread are sprites, drawings, and possibly 3D models of characters, vehicles, and weapons from my ‘personal universe’. Anyone who wants a basic introduction to the universe can go here. The webpage is unifinished; only one third is completed.

Anyway, without further ado, I present to you the first sprite, a member of the Royal Marines named Kara Redrumen. She’s a Pathfinder Sergeant in the 21st Urban Combat Platoon, meaning that she gets to handle the long-ranged and high-powered Gauss Sniper.

Pencil drawings may follow, and sprite updates most certainly will.

can u make the wrist of the his left arm (not our left) a bit bigger? i cant tell where it really is. other then that looks pretty good. If you want it to look like a chick, u should make her hair longer and a uhh… less masculine chest (if u know what i mean).

I can’t think of anything less masculine than breasts. :confused:

As for the hair…when you’re in the military, you don’t get long hair. It gets in your eyes, it gets tangled in the terrain, and it just gets in the way.

EDIT: I decided to try animating the shooting poses, starting with the Magnum Pistol.

i meant they didnt look like breasts… especially her right one.

shooting animation looks pretty good but you should make her whole body move just a bit from the recoil, not just her arm.

Agreed, the torso needs to recoil a bit. And those really don’t look boobish. They look like manly muscles…

Hm. Allow me to give an anatomy lesson. :slight_smile:

When women get buff, their boobs shrink. The reason for this is that breasts are mainly fat, and when you work out, fat goes bye-bye. Given that most soldiers are fairly well-built, you oughtn’t to expect any Pamela Anderson chests on your combat chicks.

On another note, here’s a fully-armoured drawing of the same character, holding the mighty Gauss Sniper:

Oh, and torso recoil will be added the next time I persuade myself to sit down and draw.

I’m aware of this, but whether it’s realistic or not, you need a way to make it clear it’s female. There are really only two ways to show that a small sprite of a character is a girl–boobs and hair. You’ve made excuses for both, and so there’s absolutely no way to tell beyond being told.

Even the art looks like a guy, because the face is the other way to tell, and it’s pretty obscured.

The pose is kind of feminine, but still not enough to really know it’s a girl and not just an effeminate guy.

Right, then. I’ll get on it.

EDIT: How’s this?

Much better. Although the area where the recoiling torso meets the nonrecoiling torso looks really off.

And… the shading on her pants is kind of funky… I guess it’s supposed to be camouflage, but something seems off.

Any idea what ‘something’ that is? It may well be the camoflauge.

It looks crinkly and random, not camouflaged and shaded.

Why are’nt the breasts bouncing around?
And is it a gun that she’s using? It looks like shit if it really is a gun. You can’t hold it like that.

Uh. Because boobs jiggle when they’re large, and when women work out, their boobs become not-large because of fat loss. I thought I went over this…?

What do you mean about the gun? “You can’t hold it like that”–are you refering to the one-handed grip? 'Cause you’re wrong, if you are.

i think he means it looks like shes holding the middle of the gun instead of the grip of it. try to fix that.

Try to look at some boobs in motion and see for yourself. The ones you draw are big enough to move around when she fires the “gun”.

That’s funny enough to sig. <_<

In case you don’t know, soldiers are trained to use pistols two-handedly. You know, it creates a more stable firing platform, and reduces felt recoil.

The sprite itself is pretty good, but the camo looks like the new digital stuff, not the old-style BDU’s. Depends on what you’re going for.

Also, she should recoil a TON more from shooting even a service pistol, although magnums aren’t service pistols in the first place. Heck, a .32 pocket pistol would recoil more than that. Make her arms lift up, not push back. Guns recoil backwards and up, but pistols mainly recoil up.

Yes, I would know, as I’ve shot the Big Three service pistol calibers- 9mm, .40 S&W, and .45 ACP, and I’ve also shot .22 revolvers. (On which the trigger pull moved my arm more than the recoil :smiley: )

EDIT: That sniper rifle looks a lot like a XM-8…

The reason it looks like she’s holding the gun in the middle is because she is. It’s a bullpup design, meaning the clip is behind the grip. Here, lemme get you a clearer picture:

I know holding a pistol in two hands makes it more accurate. However, when you have something in the other hand, it makes it kinda difficult to do so. (I realize there’s nothing in her other hand yet; unfinished sprite and whatnot)

The sniper rifle…I don’t really see much resemblance to the XM-8. The experimental rifle is a lot thinner and the magazine is longer, and the bullets are shorter. The sniper rifle’s bullets are a lot longer. It also doesn’t have a grip like the XM-8’s.

Yes, the main thing that resembled the XM-8 (which, if you are saying it is, it isn’t completely experimental anymore, as a small amount of troops have been outfitted with them for field trials, unless you consider that experimental) to me was the foregrip, but the rest vaguely resembles it, at least to me.

Kinda reminds me of a Dragunov to AK relationship between the XM-8 and the gauss. Like how the Dragunov was scaled up to fire the 7.62X54R (don’t ask me what that means, I just know the cartridge name on that one :confused: )

Yeah, I know what the bullpup design is, however I couldn’t derive that from the picture. Nice idea for a handgun, although .357 magnum… that is a bad choice for shooting people, as a 9mm and upwards will kill most people instantly with a single, correctly-placed shot, and will not recoil nearly as much as a .357. Also, the .357 magnum was made for hunting deer, and if you know about deer, you would know that a deer is a huge amount tougher than a person. For deer, a .223 is too light, as even if you shoot the animal correctly, it will certainly take a long time to kill the animal (excluding shots to the spine,) meaning excessive suffering for the animal. Also, you could end up blood-tracking a deer a third of a mile. But, if a person is correctly shot with a .223, they will almost never do anything except fall, and will usually die in the time it takes them to hit the ground.

Wow, long post. Just me being nit-picky I guess.

The foes combatted by most Royal Marines are aliens protected by a self-repairing biomechanical exoskeleton that can repel most small-arms fire, like this beautiful specimen:

That’s why weapons like Gauss Rifles(the sniper rifle being one of such weapons) and high-caliber weapons are employed en masse. It also helps for the penetration of lightly armoured vehicles.

As to why firing a .357 gun one-handed isn’t tearing her arm off, I’m going with the ‘it’s in the future’ explanation. A thousand years from now, I’ll wager we’ll have found a way to dampen recoil.

Oh, and here’s an updated version of the drawing: