Rollercoaster Tycoon 3

I just dow… eh got this game, and I love it :smiley: It really surprised me how hard this game is, I used to have a park rating of 999 in RTC1 all the time, but now I cant even reach 500…
And riding your own coasters is a really great feature…

I only have it for 2 days, but I’m pretty sure I’m gonna play this game for a long time :slight_smile:

Anyone else got this game? What’s your opinion?

Why do you have it for 2 days?

And can I know were you dow…bought it?

No, you missunderstood me, I’ve been playing it for 2 days.
And I bought it at kazaa… >_> I spend 3 full days getting it.

What did you ask teh “shop keeper” to search for?

Just ‘rollercoaster tycoon 3’. He showed me a 562 .bin after half a hour of search…
And it works!

Hmmmm I think I may head off to this shop. Thank you DF

Bittorrent is a better shop :wink:.

I liked the first two games, and this one looked really good. Might look into it.

There are lots of good shops out there, but sometimes only one gives the right result…

Ok, now back to RTC discussion. :wink:

The only thing I don’t like is the horrible long load times… and the framerate the firs minute. Really weird, I got a top-noth pc and it can barely handle RTC 3 :neutral_face:

How good are the graphics? Based on what you said, if it was installed on my computer it’d probably explode. :stuck_out_tongue:

Graphics are really good, the game runs pretty smooth after a while. But the first minute you play, its as slow as hell…

What do you mean? Is it actually laggy in the beginning or just really slow paced?

I’m sure he only means slow gameplay.

This game is really cool! Riding the rides definitely makes this game better than the first two…
Too bad I can’t experience the great graphics… :sweat: It runs slow on my computer, so I had to lower all the graphics settings…

I feel your pain. I have a game, but my computer sucks, so I had to lower the graphics to minimum. The game still lags like crazy though…

Just slow in the beginning. After a minute, it runs really smooth…
You’ll get used to it after while :neutral_face:

The game looks pretty cool. I already own the first two, so I’ll probably BUY IT AT A STORE LIKE A NORMAL PERSON.


Its like that with photoshop also. Nobody seems to get it legally anymore. >_>

But, thats getting off topic…

You’re making me want to get it… NOOOOOO! I’m short on cash you know. Death to all ROMmers.

Roms are dishonest…But how much can you blame most people for the urge to do something fun for free? It’s just…eh…Humans.

Who said they’re “dishonest”. It’s only illegal to share copyrighted material, but you can freely download it. Only the distributer would get fined (or legally can get fined).

But yeah, I wouldn’t get the ROMs unless I have the original cart.

I’m saying getting it without the cartridge is a little unfair, I mean, nintendo needs money…

And they say “delete within 24 hours if you don’t own the game” but no one actually pays attention to or does that.