RoboCop or Terminator

Who would win

  • RoboCop
  • Terminator
  • Mario comes buldging in and kills both of them
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I would say robocop because i think he is better.I put the mario thing to joke around :wink:

I dunno, they’re the same person, right? Arnold Swarzinigger.

Que? Arnoldo was RoboCop?

Also, I voted for Mario to uhm

Buldg in and kill them. Because I’m indifferent.

Any T-model would kill Robocop in under ten seconds… and Mario too.

rowbow cop is sow cool though =p. i picked him

Terminator will win agasnt the robocop.

Ever see “Mario Barge of a Thousand Bullets”?

“Schwartzengerman” will win against Murphy, but that’s because the T model is from a century later. Robocop was supposed to be present day, which makes him more plausible. Meh, I pick Mr. OPC.

I would win…I would beat both of them to death with a giant bone
I vote for terminator