Rm2k3 sprites

(Second made from original RTP chipset)
They’re based on Metroid 1.

Might wanna take the premade ones off that sheet. That’s misleading and looks like you’re claiming credit for those you didn’t make.

As for those you DID… to be frank, they’re not that great at all. VERY lacking in shading and antialiasing compared to the defaults. Detail’s not that bad, but… blegh. Incredibly flat and cartoony.

The first ones better. The second was made off the original chipsets. And its supposed to be cartoony. I’ll post a screen showing wat it can do.
Did i mention this is my first made sprite?

…Dead links??

Wha…? They are working…

They still work for me, Red. Maybe you’ve got some 'net issues…

Yeah. The URL is freewebs, which is blocked at school. I’ll check when I get home.

wait… so which ones are actually yours? the once on the bootom-left, bottom-right, or the few on the top?

I think the ones on top and the ones I outlined below are the ones he made.

Yeah i haven’t finshed them completely, but they work on rm2k3.
And sry bout the freewebs thing, imageshack aint workin so i just uploaded them to my website instead.