so yeah, started workin on a game of zombies o3o



Ladies and Gentlemen, Jason Green

(i could use a spriter)

Screen Shots

^ thats now what happens when they die, still messing with it

so basically
scientists trying to bring the dead back to life
yadda yadda generic zombie origin

that might change (prolly will)

point is, youre running around KILLIN ZOMBIES
theres gunna be stronger zombies
mutated zombies
boss zombies

you get one gun the whole time
its a specialized weapon, OF THE FUTURE
an evolving gun that evolves to the needs of the user
theres a limit to it, so you cant max out every “stat” of the gun
faster firing rate, faster reload, high capacity, more power, etcetc

youre running around this city killing zombies, collecting samples, finding people, gathering items
all for some group who saved your ass earlier
they say theyre making a cure, or trying to


^ awwwww yeah

you can ignore the tiles, that was just me messin around with some stuff

z = jump
x = shoot
c = reload

arrow keys move

enter to go to the upgrade screen
up and down navigates
left and right add and subtract

i’ve given FULL use of the gun
(subtracting points isnt gunna be allowed when its done
also you can upgrade everything to full, which also isnt gunna be allowed)

its still pretty simple

and you can currently stand on the zombies, for lack of a better option right now ._.
yeah, before if you fell on top of one you’d be stuck inside it

the death for you it… placeholder xD

uhh, enjoy?


Reminds me of metroid. Especially his legs.

(yes its shitty looking, stfu)


cut em

melt em

crush em

obliterate em

hound em

rape em


spider type thing
kinda made him too long looking xD

worm type thing
every game needs one, amirite? xD

an abomination!
oh god, what is this i dont even


redone by my friend Cat o3o


taken today

This one is awesome.

you can see his WIP here and there in those screen shots :3

My computer is operational again, so I can help with sprites.

you can do the walk cycle i failed at xD


loading, please wait…

System ready.

Releasing update in…





Operation complete.

Have a nice day.

I think a few things could make it better.

  1. The initial rate of fire is painfully and annoyingly slow. It should start out like a normal pistol, then maybe upgrade to be automatic.

  2. The rate of fire on the spitting zombies is too fast.

  3. It would be nice to have some kind of dodge move that let you move to the other side of a zombie without getting hit.

  4. Also, if zombies are attacking you, they’re too close for you to shoot. Maybe give us a shove button like Left 4 Dead or some kind of quick melee weapon like Resident Evil.

  1. been trying to get that right for awhile

  2. i just said “screw it” and left it like that xD

  3. good idea o3o

  4. already planned to

Allow me to but in, I agree with phlakes on the melee thing. Haven’t played it yet so I can’t comment on that. I may be of some help somehow. Do you have music yet, and may I attempt some creepy ambient music?

Also, I’m in programming class. Java stuff at the moment. : / So easy. I’m always done first. And, your sprites look very nice CMC.

like i said, i already planned to stick in a melee of sorts

and i have zero music, it would be epic to have some :3

as for programmin, i can handle it for now
i’ll keep that in mind though o3o

and thanks :3
much of them are WIP
and the tileset is placeholder…

i need spriters D:

Yeah, I can do anything except people or animals.

Also, I had an idea today.

You could combine this with that other zombie game you were making. I could be top-down outside and side-scrolling in buildings.

Just sayin’.

no, the ideas for the two games are too different

I’ll start on something when I get home. Stuck at CST class now at Vo-Tech. Pretty awesome class actually. But yeah, I think I can come up with stuff. What file format would you like? I don’t think I can do .midi, but I can do pretty much do any of the others. Unless you want something obscure. Just let me know. :smiley:

as long as its decent quality and not a massive file, it’ll be fine

128kbps an okay quality?

i guess?
i dont really know anything about sound file formats xD

Read up