Ripped Metroid Sprites

that last one is tooo big to put in here. its a screensized detailed map i made, thats almost finished. kind of. its coool.

anyways, those are my sprites. all metroid.

You didnt make any of those…

And you claim to? You post these on a Metroid forum and claim to have made them? They’re from Metroid: Fusion and Metroid: Zero Mission. The last map that you ‘made’ is just the Docking Bay area from Fusion.

Man…you have some gall, posting this here.

I cant wait till dazzy gets on and uses his special power of his, That power is so terrifying I am not gonna talk more of it.

Lol i like your Fusion suit. But then again, that is because I like Nintendo’s Fusion suit. GET SOME SPRITING SKILLZ!

the only thing he made was the mildly funny comic with kraid and ridley… But then again he didnt draw the sprites he just put the text, I think. Wow sniper you quoted me in your sig.

I think that he believes they’re his because he ripped them. :unamused:

You’re pathetic. Did you honestly think that no one would notice this? Of course, you probably did just to get attention. Get a life.

Wow! You are the greatest r?vh?l ever!


i think by “my sprites” he means that he posted them…or at least i hope, if he claims that he made them, then hides under chair…dazzy will come…

The HELL is this all about?

Sheesh, and you didn’t even organize separate poses of the same sprite into one file, just posted them as separate images. That’d be a huge hassle to use if we needed to.

Not that anyone WOULD need to, since these are all over the internet already… in better forms… more complete…

Hm. Not every post of Metroid sprites(stolen or not) is intended to be offered for use in P2D…

yeah, lets all agree to stop posting on this, it sucks, were over it leaves

Why talking swedish in a forum that you normaly speak english? Just wondering!

If no one understand what I write, then no one will get sad.


im supprised this sint locked.

I understand you! And I can translate it if someone wants too.

Yeah, me too.

I think they’re waiting for an explanation. Most of us are just assuming he meant that he made them. Perhaps the mods want to know what he actually meant.