Ripped game music

Why not just rip the music from the game, or something, and use that instead of old, SNES sounding music?

Because everything in the game is being made from scratch except SFX…?

Not to mention we’re using remixes, not the original songs.

Plus using MP3’s is illegal, I think, though I’m not certain.

:confused: What? That can’t be true. Unless you’re talking about the MP soundtrack as MP3’s. MP3 is just a file format for songs…

I meant the MP OST, yeah.

:confused: how do you rip sounds or movies if i may ask? :confused:

maybe get a mic and then record the whole thing while playing the game???

It seems my first post was wrong. CFX says they MIGHT implement a way to use the actual songs instead, assuming they’re already on your computer.

Are you familiar with the work that Grant Henry ( ), Goat ( ), virt ( ), and others have done, especially with the Dwelling of Duels competition ( or if their bandwidth’s done for the month, If you’re interested in higher quality music than midis, these guys are, for the most part, talented musicians who have been covering game music (including the entire Metroid soundtrack over at Metroid Metal, and a good chunk of Super Metroid stuff between Goat and Virt’s medleys) for years. I don’t think it’s outside the realm of possibility for you to get some of these guys on board if you need some songs.