ridley v.s meta ridley

in a fight, who will win

  • ridley
  • meta ridley
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I belive it is meta ridley who wins

Meta Ridley is just Ridley with armor and a shitload of weapons.

And more health.

And bigger wings.


Meta Ridley is uber-cool. Ridley is just meh.

can anybody say one sided battle?


Why is this even a poll at all? Everyone knows who would win.

What about X Ridley from Metroid Fusion?
By the time either of them kills him, he will already be a core x with all his energy, when the other two will be tired.
Even Meta Ridley, considering were talking about the one from Metroid Prime and not Metroid Zero Mission. Thats an entirely different Meta Ridley.
Ridley X would win!

Isn’t the one from Zero Mission Mecha Ridley?

Yes, and it’s not even a true Ridley, just a robot.

This may make me sound like a newby to Metroid, but how is Ridley in Super Metroid, was he cloned?

I believe he was revived.

Yea, and if he dies AGAIN in Super Metroid, where did the X Parasites get the DNA for him in Metroid Fusion?
I think there are more than one of Ridley, like, clones of him.
After all, isnt he like the leader of the Space Pirates or somethin?

I think so.
And Ridley was just stuffed into Fusion for no apparent reason.

guys meta ridley is just the other ridley but with the guns plus a larger brain than normal so he can thing alot faster than any other boss on the game

the reason why ridley was stuffed into fusion because they need a protector for one of the weapons and plus ridley was resurrected by those space pirates

Damnit Mowat, don’t double post

He’s new, so give him a break.
:whack: :whacks mowac anyway:
Ridley shouldn’t have been in Fusion.

like i said before they need a Guardian for the screw attack who else would of it been

I suppose your right.
Ridely X is hard to beat, for a noob.

im not a noob but he is harder than the normal ridley you face thing is i beat every other ridley they had and that was a piece of piss

I agree, Ridley didn’t even have a proper entrance. I mean, you go into a room and find ridley frozen, then the core-X flies off.:huh: How cheezy is that?