Ridley and Kraid VS Samus Aran

If you put Ridley and Kraid in 1 room (hope it fits) :stuck_out_tongue: and Samus has to fight them who would win, Samus or R&K
Samus has all her energy tanks and upgrades…

Samus, because with all her upgrades Samus can finish off Kraid with 4 super missles and take out Ridley with like 10.

Conclusion: RIdley and Kraid suck :wink:

I don’t think she’d win easily, but with every ability, and a lot of luck, maaaybe.

Samus definatley! She could freeze kraid, kill Ridley, then super missle kraid! Duh! :unamused:

Kraid can’t be frozen, if I’m wrong tell me :stuck_out_tongue:

Well i’ve never fought kraid before BUT… Ridley can! So reverse it! :whack:

Uh… no he can’t.

Seriously, when COULD ridley be frozen? :whack:

*declares j8kmunkey to be the noob of metroid knowledge :stuck_out_tongue: *

Yes, but we knew that already. >_>

Samus would, altho i would like Ridley to for once… and kraid just plain sucks for crap.

I froze him in fusion! Or that was a very scewed up glithcy advantage. :neutral_face:

Based on the bottleneck configuration shown, I’d have to say Ridley and Kraid. Otherwise… Samus.

well, if samus had all the energy tanks AND missiles… and as long as ridley isn’t meta… samus would kick ASS

samus would win coz her upgrades are all good, and kraid is kinda weak, ridley in meta is srong though

If it was prime kraid and ridley, that they probably would win, seeing as it is a little more difficult to dodge stuff in the prime games, and they aren’t both in the same direction… unless they fused. But if it were in the 2-d games, I think Ridley would probably accidently kill kraid, by stabbing a hole in his big ol’ belly. (someone has to quote that)

Yeah, Samus with all her upgrades would annihilate them either way though… probably…

Ridley was frozen somehow in metroid fusion.