Revolution Photoshop Edits

This is the graphics board, right? I’m not confined to sprites, am I?
Among many other things in my busy almost-work schedule, I’ve been doing some Photoshop edits of the Revolution image, making different themed skins and such for it. Here’s what I’ve made so far:

[size=4]Cold Steel Revolution

Wooden Revolution

Kirby Revolution

Viewtiful Revolution

Yoshi’s Revolution

DK Revolution (edit of wooden)

Varia Revolution

NEW: Gravity Revolution


Comments? Criticism?

Also, I can take a few requests if anyone wants something in particular, but I already have a heavy to-do list, so don’t pile them on. And don’t worry, I’m doing Samus next.

Woo, that looks nice. Good Photoshopping.

lol yea. Samus, Dark Samus, Metroid Logo, etc.

How about Mario? Or old school consoles, like the nes.

ppff amatures, heres some really good ones in my opinion.
Note: I did not make these.

Anyways those ones you made yourself are pretty good

Heck yes!
I’d want the Yoshi one… :drool:

Those are awesome, but the first Kirby has some bad anti-aliasing.

What’s anti-aliasing? I forgot. :blush:

Yeah, I know. The source image is a really crappy-quality jpeg. There’s not much I can do about it, even with Photoshop.

And the Varia Revolution is done!

Same deal, crappy jpeg dots everywhere, nothing I can do. Gravity Suit comes next.

Anti-aliasing smooths lines and edges by using semitransparent pixels to blend the…
…crap, I can’t explain anything. Someone help him.

Nah. After looking at your half of a definition and the picture, I get what you mean. Kirby’s border is all messed up.

Adds Gravity Revolution to list.

The Grav revolution is just meh.
I don’t like it as much as the others.

I’d get the Varia Revolution :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, I was kinda running out of ideas. I’m giving the Metroid designs a rest for now. Zelda comes next.

Viewtiful is teh PWN! They’re all awesome. Great job.

i reckon they all look pretty darm sweet 8) but to be honest that one with samus in the power suit makes me wanta kill for that console :imp:

There isnt any with Samus in the power suit.

Hes talking about the one I posted

“Varia”, not “Power” :angry: