Reviving P2D?

So… I was thinking, and I think that it just might be possible for us to “Kick-Start” P2D back to working condition. I mean, we have enough people to re-start the project, as me and bun are both avid Metroidians with a fancy for computer-ing and sound-ing. Should we even try, though? We’d need co-operation from all active members for that to work, though, so…

Probably not.

Most ‘active’ members dont’ really care anymore, and even fewer really have the level of skill needed. P2D is a MASSIVE project.

Plus a lot of those that have skill are working on something called life.

maybe when im done college =P

Who cares about “Real-life?” I doubt such a concept exists.


or bun for short :3

Or b for double short.

or we can call him !
that would be really short!

Nah, because you have to hit shift for that.

We should call him s, because it’s really easy to hit that key.

we should just not address him by his name, and it’ll be implied that we’re talking about him

like hey, have you heard of that cool motherfucker? we just call him, he’s such a chill dude, in fact I’m best friends with

no, not the ! the thing before it


we shant call him a thing

Whenever you don’t finish your sentence it always means that candle-

doing it wrong! candlejack only take you if you say his wh

On topic, no I don’t give much of a shit anymore but if most of us are up for it than so am I. Plus I don’t have much to sprite these days.

P2D will never be finished. It was a good effort, a lot of tallented people got to show off their skills, and many others got valuable experience while working with the project. I understand that nobody wants to officially cancel the game; people always see hope no matter how dim the light may be. But realistically, it’s much to ambitious a project to see a finished product. The way I think about it is we all had fun with P2D, and I know that because of this project many of us Internet Citizens have found new friends to interact with, and good memories to add to our lives. '2D was a massive effort, and the problem with that is those of us who have the ability to cater to its needs don’t have the time nor motivation to put up with it. Everyone has a life, and even if one thinks it to be insignificant, it’s still a life. This project was fun while it lasted, and with its demise we have a small community of pretty cool people who just casually hang out. All we can do is accept the fate of this ambitious project, and know that perhaps not everything has gone to waste after all.


Doctor, it’s time to pull the plug.

taht r murdurh mwrhrhrhrhrhrhrhr

If we do pull the plug, we need someone on a webcam somewhere else on a TV screen in the room, so when they pull the plug the person can yell: