RESOLVED: Broken Images

Hey all,

After the great spamming crisis of Fall 2016, which took me hours and hours and hours to clean up, I’ve been checking back here once a week since November just to make sure everything’s okay. And this week… everything is not okay as all the images are replaced with big “Photo not found” boxes. :sweat:

It seems like there’s a bug in my Photobucket account. They didn’t delete my account or anything, but the website is totally broken when I log in and only half-loads my albums. I contacted support and hopefully we can resolve this. Otherwise I’ll have to spend an hour this weekend moving to a different image hosting service for this forum’s buttons and styling. Everything is of course backed up in at least 5 places around the world. You know me.

Sorry for the inconvenience,

  • Troid92


this is a CAT-astrophe

Alright, Photobucket still hasn’t gotten back to me about my account. They didn’t even delete it or suspend it – it’s just… half-broken and glitchy inside. O_o

So anyway I re-uploaded all the board images to imgur. So they’ll be there until imgur deletes them in ten years. Lather, rinse, repeat.

I’ll keep my sig and avatar the way they are for now, lol. We’ll see what happens.

For those who are curious, the final result is that I was struck by digital lightning:

When I get a chance down the road I’ll be swapping out all my image URLs for new ones, wherever they’re needed. Probably starting with my signature and avatar on this website.

I’ll keep using Photobucket because they handled this really well, but this is just a nice reminder that all the clouds and online services we use, like everything else in life, could vanish at any moment.


reasons i now keep like 4 backups