resident evil hero…946885478&hl=en

meh, got bored, decided to post this. imput is kinda cool. good, bad, flaming hatred, dont care :smiley:

Thats really cool. Catchy song too.

yeah, its hard getting clips for resident evil 2 and 3, so i had to hook up directly to camera for it.

…4 dizzy tasty…

looks pretty cool dude, good song chosing and the montage is also nicely done

wtf is 4 dizzy tasty, u keep posting it and i have no clue what it means >.>

in resident evil one, there was 4 itchy tasty…

and in some topic, dizzy was mentioned, and i posted 4 dizzy tasty

its…supposed to be odd…dont worry, your still sane.