Resident Evil: Deadly Silence

A multiplayer and has a story mode with new zombies.

Uh… Pardon me, but what exctly does that mean?

I just read some of it and its going to be a story mode where multiplayer can help each other out.

I think he misplaced a PM…

Ah, I see what he means, but I agree: It looks like a misplaced PM. WoW (heh, initials are kinda…wow) change the intial post to make it look more like a discussion thread.

Did I fix it :confused:

Uh, you didn’t do anything

Lol. I hear this game is pretty cool. 8) I don’t get the new zomby part though.

New zomby part? >_>


RE:DS is actually really awesome, and even after so many years, and with erm…these…fantastic graphics…it’s kind of scary.

Lol. Oh, no! A tiny zomby in my hand held! I’ll make him kiss the touch screen. Opens and closes DS repeatedly