Request: very low poly metroid models

I would suggest using Troid92’s great modeling program-
The topic
The modeler program
I advise using this program because you can save it as .GML files which game maker uses. To do this, right click any where in the program and click save as GML or something.

This is a request for some low poly 3d models based off of metroid. I am making a metroid first person shooter and I am running very low on enemy models. Infact, I have 0 models. Please help me, I need basic enemies like:
Zoomer (climes on all walls upside down and stuff)
Skree/Shriekbat (falls on you when you go under it)
Ripper (bounces back and fourth on walls)
Low Poly Samus Ship (Not, too many polys, GM is slow sometimes)

Thanks so much in advance, and dont worry, credit will be given.