regenerative bosses? why are there the same

for some reason, every time you kill bosses, they seem to just come right back! ever noticed how you have to kill mother brain 2wice over and ridly is in about 4 of the games?

please, your input.

Ridley is re-created, but I don’t know about the other ones…

Mother Brain is the central computer that runs the Zebes base. If she wasn’t rebuilt, the entire base would be incapable of running.

As for Ridley, he’s the leader of the Zebesian sect, and so they clone a new one each time he gets killed, according to Prime.

I like how you spelled 2wice! Ok seriously would you play a Metroid game without Metroids? A Metroid game without Space Pirates? I wouldn’t but just my op.

But there’ve been both. <_< M1-2 had no pirates, MPH has no metroids…

Does Fusion have Metroids? I can’t remember >_>;;

It had a few infants you couldn’t interact with and one omega as a boss.

Oh yes, now I remember. The Omega Metroid… easiest.boss.ever. :smiley:

Nah, at least he has the potential to hurt you. SA-X would be the easiest :stuck_out_tongue:

everyone at my school thinks the fusion boss battles are hard… but i dont remember having too much trouble with them.

Except ridley and mother brain theres no other boss clonation

ehm… what about kraid? you have to fight him in the original and super metroid.

Only three than? Are you sure…? I coulda sweared theres more…

Dark Samus is another but then again they had to.

DS wasn’t cloned. She just survived apparent death.

Bosses fight two or more
Mother Brain 2
Samus X- you run into and run until the near the end of the game
Ridley-MZM(M1) Metroid prime, Metroid Prime 3, and Super along with fusion.
kraid 2 times
Dark Samus, 4 or more (unkown in Prime 3)

But samus-X only dies once. when you fight him first you dont kill him, he doesnt regenerate because you cant scratch the fucker.

I agree, but I like the other bosses better and when he or she is chasing you in sec tro forgot the number you can only freeze him or it and can’t cause any damage to her or it.

metaridley is ridley. he got nearly killed, and, in prime, i remember that the pirates save his life, by mecha-ising him, replacing his dead organs with robotic organs…something like that.
if they can clone ridley, they should just make an army of them.

seen him in prime 3 covered in phazon? he is massive aswell. in the trailer, him and samus are falling down.
god, i cant wait for that game :metroid: