REDHALBERD's sprite duel arena

want the sprite duel arena back?

  • yes
  • no
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i cant reach REDHALBERD by pm and my emails never reach him so i am brought to this solution. im hoping if i can get enough yes votes he will open it back up. anyone with me?

Not to be a mini-mod but why is this in general discussion it should be in Graphics. And if this is a poll why is there only one answer(yes) there should be a no as well.

dere u go lol

It wouldn’t kill you to just open the arena up yourself, would it…?
It’s a good idea, but I don’t see why we have to wait for Red.

IIRC the arena became its own forum. searches around

Oh. 'Kay.

Wow. Im shocked. I was thinking about the duel arena yesterday, and I was wondering if I would ever get back to it. Anyway, my messenger is full, and it wont let me delete any messeges or something, but for some reason I can’t be PMed.

But Sure, I’d be glad to bring it back. I just need a new sig for it and I’ll open it this week. I wont be able to work much on it till I get back home, but I can re-open it.

cool! thanks.

The forum looks dead. Am I the only one that has posted there this year?

Unfortunatly no. I dunno when or how I’m gonna bring the forum back.

Any ideas?