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Um…yeah, i deleted this…Better that way.

They’re… terrible. All edgy and too muc hblack outline. Sorry, but you are not the best spriter here at all. Not close.

“Above average” is probably an exaggeration. Few poses for the most part, no shading that I can see, and bad outlines (but for fairly good overall shape, I applaud).

i know everyone should take pride in their work, but redhalberd is just being a little cocky


im sorry if im being mean, but if people dont come down on you like a hammer, you’ll never improve. If you want to see GOOD noxos/weaval, the visit dazzy’s sprite thread.

EDIT # 2 (that’s right i added a 2 for once!)

I was once like you, but i’ve changed alot since i started “foruming” here (go ahead laugh at the funny foruming word… i dont care >_>)

There not the bad they could use some tweaks here and there but in all of those hunters Noxus is the worst.

The best one is the Sylux running animation. ecuase his upper half actually moves. :stuck_out_tongue:

It looks a bit bumby and chopy though.

They all do… :sweat:

This one is actually pretty good. Possibly your best! :smiley:

Nevertheless, the point to making 2D sprites is to make parts that are usable in several different instances. You don’t just redraw the whole thing for each pose, unless you’re just making isometric frames, in which case you probably can’t reuse the parts.

If you make a game like Abuse or Halo 2D, then your way works.
If you try to make a 2D Beat em up, it’s useless.

Why not redraw it all and make it look really good?

Because he can’t hear you. REHALBERD is NOT active. Look above, that was his first and only post… I doubt he’ll come back and reaad your comments. :stuck_out_tongue:

Damn, those are pretty bad… and in addition to all the comments above…

Weavel SUCKS. He makes the others look GOOD.

He’s disproportionate, he’s… um… bright green? Newsflash, the render is misleadingly lit, Weavel is silver ingame… and his head is completely wrong…

Oh, and his gun… uh… that is NOTHING like his gun.

Oh, but most importantly? In the top left poses… that’s my scythe. Fucking sprite thieves.

If you ever come back, Redhalberd… you damn well better have a good explanation for that.

kanden is cool but very unsmooth animation

Hello, this is the Redhalberd here. Please understand, these are my first sprites sheets. And ive never gotten such a fierce, and mean reaction. But then again, ive never seen such good sprites on any other forums. Now i understand that my sprites arent that great. But just give me a chance. I need a few tips for the outlining. Here are some of my newer sprites.…es/5e15db34.png…es/dc4be782.png…es/7762c7cb.png

Also, i was wondering. Can someone post me a link to some “GOOD” MPH sprites.

Oh, no…Did you just make a space pirate…My Dazzy sences are tingling

All three lack a lot of serious detail.

The outline is awesome, but everything else… I don’t want to be mean, but…


Well, havent gotten many comments on here. But im really trying to improve my sprites. Here are the recolors ive been working on.

Both the GF Tooper and Weavel have to be grey,Noxus ia very badly shaped and there are many details in all of them that are missplaced and are missing, example: The green circle on Sylux’s gun goes on his hand just like on Samus, so his arm would have to be quite deformed for it to really be like that.

It’s getting better. :smiley:>