Recruting for Metroid Game

I am recruting for a Metroid game that I want to do, but dont have the skills or the programs. I don’t have C++ and I cant use Game Maker cos I don’t have the skills, so I was hoping that some people would help me make the Metroid Game a reality. I want the game to be made by C++ because it looks a lot better the Game Maker stuff. What I need are:

Music makers (I have no skills or programs in that)

Background Makers (I have some skills in spriting, like recouloring but am no good in actually making of sprites because all of mine turn out to be a pile of junk)

Cut-Scene creators (I dont know the first thing in that)

Game Programmers (using C++)

Enemy/Boss/HUD Spriters (I will list bosses when some people agree to help. The HUD will go on top of the screen, just so people dont get fooled into thinking I want it in 3D)

Foreground Spriters (like walkways or asteroids)

I think that is all I need. I could make the music if someone gave me a MIDI Maker program and some help, otherwise the only thing Ill be doing is checking the work. I will also download an Installer Creator so the game can be installed to the computer. Please help me. Anyone can sign up to be anything they are most skilled in. It’s a bit big for a 13 year old to do alone, so I will need all of your help to suceed. Obiously, you will get pretty much all of the credit. If people do want to help, can everyone send there stuff in every month for a review please.


if you’re not going to contribute anything to your fangame, its best just to not make it…

I will do anything in my power to help. If I could just get my hands on a C++ disc, I’d be practising making mini-games. I can recoulor sprites. I can also draw basic sprites, like the NES Samus, with a bit more detail but lack of more-than-8-bit colours. If I had a MIDI maker, I could create my own music. What I can do is rip Sprites and Music from all of the games, although the ones that I want a Zero Mission, I could redo sprites to certain specification and I will be helping out with everything that my hopeful but probably not gang would do. So I’m not saying that I’m totally useless, just inexperienced in some places.

I am outraged by your post. You say your making a game, then you list
everything you want US to do? It bothered me when you asked for highly
experienced C++ programmers (you want us to make a game from complete
scratch for YOU?), but then I saw you want us to do absolutly EVERYTHING for you… What the heck are you doing for your own project? Watching over us
and complaining if you don’t like sometihng we did? No, I don’t think so.
If your even going to say “i wanna make a game do it for me lol” you can
atleast have a strip of respect and say you want it programmed in something
like TGF (The Games Factory) or Game Maker.

Your lack of comintment is what will make this project fail if it ever gets off the ground. Nobody will want to make a whole game for you, and it doesn’t help
provided that you did not give us a plot or any usefull info about your game.

I’m not here to flame you, but if you have no skills in anything you probably
shouldn’t be making a game, especially one as complex as Metroid. Use TGF or
GM to get started, and start with a much smaller project (like a Sonic or Mario game). If you would like help getting started with TGF I can give you some tutorials and examples I have made.

Again, don’t make topics sayign you want us to everything for you (especially if your wanting everything custom…), and don’t start a Metroid game if you have no skills, I have tried it before, it failed miserably. So what do you say? Start small with TGF or GM, or try and pursuade people to make custom graphics and everything for you for a game that does not even have a plot yet? Make the right decision.

You’re right ya know. I guess it was a bit stupid of me to ask for C++ programmers. And I will download TGF. I will do a Mario game. But you were wrong about somethings. I wasn’t asking for recolours. I wasn’t asking them to do everything. About those tutorials, is there one for a basic Mario game?

I was searching around MFGG (Merio Fan Games Galaxy) and found a pretty good
tutorial for starting off with TGF. It’s extreamly simple, you should have trouble
seeing how it works. Note: I didn not make this tutorial.


not to mention you don’t ‘have C++’ or a disc of C++. C++ per se is just simple text. What you need is a compiler and a linker, but seeing your apparent knowledge of the topic, I’d suggest you to stay away from them… <_>

Thank you. I just download TGF 3.1.

I’m having trouble installing. Is it made by Clickteam? cos If it is, then I’ve downloaded the wrong one.

yeah, i started a metroid game a while ago. i tried and failed. the best i have done is probably smb3: bowsers army (play as those doom ship tanks and kill things)
but now the source code is gone. anyway, im sure you could make a decent metroid game if you got used to tgf, mmf/2 or gm well enough.

speaking of those… brb.

I have just downloaded Clickteams Games Factory 1.06 32 bit. I’ll see where this takes me.

Hey guys!
Ima gonna makz a metrod game!!!11!!! I need help from random people lolzerz! Excus te fact dat i suck a everything, just make me a gam k? ima gonna try to to learn how to make games in easy game making gui while you guys make it so i look lik im doing stuff! ill recoloer stuf 2 but i dont want recolorz for me gam!

good interpretation.

Yeah, that was me. I was offened at first, but it is true. and stupid of me. My current Mario game is going well as I am getting to grips with The Game Factory, so I will be doing a lot with it until my 30 day trial expires.