Recruiting RuneScape Clan Members!

Okay. For anybody that wants to recruit for my clan, The Rune Knights, just follow the link down there and sign up. When you get your friend list (this isn’t too far into the tortourial), add sampitt94 to it. Click on the name and type in a message if I’m online. Just tell me you are from this forum, say “hey it’s [username here] from the P2D forum”. And I will automatically add you to my clan. Just say you want to join here!

Runescape sucks. I played it for about an hour before I was ambushed by a level 6 NPC thief and killed. I quit.

its ok if u like RPGs, i’m already signed up. haven’t been there in 3 months though.

Runescape is a boring, dull MMORPG. Once my little brother spawn killed chickens for a day just to get feathers. Ick.

It’s not okay PERIOD, flyinrooster. The graphics are painfully crappy, even with the new version. The level up system is confusing, and there are too many useless stats to train in. There are tons of useless items, and even more useless enemies. Seriously, Browser-Based RPG’s and MMO’s are funner than Runescape…

And thus, I do not want to join >_>

Okay… Well, you don’t need to get all detailed why you don’t like it, just don’t even post at all if you don’t want to join. It’s a little something called SPAM.

I would so sign up for this, but my college firewall prevents me from playing, whicg sucks cause i got a level 71 character that would own you all, lol

maybe… jk, i’m ot very high lvl’d. and Enzd, read the forum rules, one of the first rules says that “Everyone has their OWN opinion”. so u don’t have to shoot us down (can’t find any other words for it, lol :smiley: ), just say that u don’t like it, and u won’t join. this is how u star fights (or flame wars in this case :wink: ). sorry to sound like my teachers, but it’s true.

I wasn’t destroying your opinion or anything. I was stating my opinion over yours…I most definatly wasn’t trying to “Star” a fight.

And I didn’t go detailed in why I don’t want to join, but you didn’t exactly state otherwise.

Actually I don’t think this is spam. Everyone has a right to make a perfectly reasonable argument against something. It’s called debate. Can you say debate children?