recording speed runs

ive had enough fun playing my game and getting awesome percents and times but no one being around to see it. what should i use to record my games?

you could google in
1.)Fraps (i like this best although the registered bversion cost alot and if you dont want to register then you can only record for 30 seconds at a time)
2.)Game Cam (it’s ok)

NOTE: these are for the computer, so if you want it for your TV, then your on your own.

Well, if you have a webcam you can use that…

it depends on what one

if you wanna recored metorid fusion or zero mission
use GBA Visual boy

If Prime, use a Camera Phone
Video record it and convert it over to your pc

Buy a video capture card.
View tv on your pc, play console games on your pc also…

I have a Hercules Smart TV 2 Stereo card, and I’m pretty happy bout it. Quality isn’t that great, but that’s because of the interlacing… Pretty good for 30 ? :slight_smile:



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