Real Drawings

Post any of your drawings here!All you need is a scanner.I drew Samus’s Morphball.

i…dont know what to say to that…so because i suck at drawing far worse, i simply wont (and hope nobody says anything else either, and just posts stuff, remember, not everyone is an artist)

I suck too.(To tell you the truth i traced it. :blush:

yeah, when i finally get something good i just re-use it over and over again…my sig for instance, had that for like a year (not as sig, just as something)…ussually i cant draw, so i take pictures…speaking of which, is it okay if i post pictures here or something (pictures are an art form too, and they are made by the poster, so its kinda like drawing…)

Pictures are okay.

That’s unbelievable–traced pictures don’t have wobbly lines. Not a bad drawing, though.

I traced it out of a players guide so it was hard to trace.

I drew this a few years ago when I was really bored. A little sloppy and cartoony, but I don’t draw much.

Nifty. :slight_smile:

Do these drawings have to be related to Metroid?

Nothing in the Graphics Board has to be related to Metroid if not specified.

DarkSamusPrime: Why post that drawing if it isn’t your own? Drawing and spriting have a lot of similar aspects (mainly the “accuracy” one) so if you learn to draw, you can sprite better, and vice-versa.

Are you sure about that? I consider myself decent at drawing, but spriting is harder because you’re dealing with points, changing and using the color you want can be difficult and… well I guess that’s it really, but you get the point… I hope.

reverse over here.

Simply put: Yes, I’m sure about that.

I’m gonna disagree here. Spriting and sketching are two completely different arts, and while learning to do one may help some aspects of the other, a statement like ‘if you can draw, you can sprite’ is wrong. Spriting is much more precise, always deals with colours, and is easily undoable if you make a mistake.

it was settled a little bit ago, back to topic please :smiley: , it would be nice for people to post some wonderful art in here (regardless of kind)

Well, if you insist…:slight_smile:

your drawings are kinda in-between good and bad, however, if you made them funny, and with huge heads, they would be kick ass!

…sorry…IQ drop…

Between good and bad, eh?

Whatever, I like them. Although, if I remember, the first one is supposed to be a girl, correct?
Yeah, still doesn’t look much like a girl. But the last one rocks.

You look at a girl wearing full ballistic body armour, a helmet, and wearing unisex military fatigues and tell me how feminine she looks. Thanks. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the complements, though. I also like the last one.

I don’t do comedic drawings, though–I try to stick with realistic proportions and such. I’m looking into getting a drawing tablet and something like Photoshop for the computer; I think I could get some good drawings done with the advantages offered by using a computer and a pencil-like device, as opposed to simply a pencil or a mouse.

Well, actually, it’s more the chin that makes it look more like a guy to me… And the lower face. But mostly the chin-al… area.

The gun the guy on our right is holding in the newest drawing you put on looks more like a mini video camera, for some reason. Other’n that, it looks pretty good.