I was browsing the internet for Metroids and I came up with Metroid the MOVIE!

Already pointed out. The movie is in limbo and we have no idea what’s happening, or even who’s directing it. Find the topic around here somewhere :stuck_out_tongue:

uuhh, dude:

1–Don’t make stupid topic titles like this.

2–Duplicate topic.

3-- he didnt wanted ofend you,dont take dazzy so serious or you might need a psychiatric

If they do make a movie, I hope it won’t suck. You know they tried making a movie about Doom but I heard it was pretty bad. Plus, People tend to shy away from having Samus talk. She doesn’t speak in any of the games, and a lot of fan stories just talk about her thoughts and actions. You can’t have a movie in which the main character doesn’t talk. but hey, this is all hypothetical. :wink:

i dont want a metroid movie… think about it, even if the movie be incredible AWSEOME,dont u think that would expose metroid too much? i mean, any YUppie could easly get into the teater and say wherever he wants about it… ohhn my, i wish this movie never came out

Knucke, I am sorry, but… what the SUPER BOING did you even say? I cannot make that out, even with a leet-speak and abbreviations translator. =/

Anyway, as for this movie, I do not watch movies. Movies suck.

End post. :stuck_out_tongue:

Awwww, come on, go easy on him. He’s from Brazil and only has a moderate grasp of english. It’s lucky he can speak it this well. How well can you speak a foreign language?

Once you get used to him, it gets easier to understand him. Trust me.

Well in that case the English is alright, I mean I’m learning Japanese, but not enough to talk about a Metroid movie. And what do you mean movies suck. Movies are great.

Wish granted? <_<

Wait, why the hell did I forget to lock this? >_>;