Resident Evil 4 2D

Here’s a link to the forums!

I will post progress on this fangame as it comes. So far…
Team list:

This game will have RPG camera angle in RPG style. The violence level will be toned down a bit so it doen’t look cheesy in it’s 16bitness. So far only the Leon front view sprite is complete. This is a very new project after all. Once the RE42D forum is complete, I will post a link.

Sprite List (What need to be done now, anyway)
Ganado(Throwing Scicle(Sp?))
Los Illuminados
Los Illuminados(Parasite)
Los Illuminados(Mace)
Los Illuminados(Sheild/Mace)
Los Illuminados(Helmet/Mace)
Los Illuminados(Crossbow)
Los Illuminados(Rocket Launcher(I’m serious))
Los Illuminados(Red Demon Looking One(General))
Evil Dog Thing
Leon(One Pose Fnished)
That Mexican Guy(Forgot His Name)
Medical Spray
Handgun(Brocken butterfly)
Shotgun(Riot Gun)
Rifle(Semi Auto)
(I don’t remember all the guns or items…)

Is “Leon” the guy in your avatar?

Sorry, but I know little about RE.

Then you ask,“Why help make a game that you don’t know about?”

Well, I’m just helping with graphics; gimme a source image and I’m fine.

Yes, Leon is in my avi. And I don’t care if someone isn’t familiar with RE, it’s the results of their work I care about.

Lol, I doubted he was “Leon”…

Well, anyway, if any1 wants to support RE42D, please have the sig that C75 and I made onto your sig. We’d greatly appreciate it, because we have few people working on it right now…

can i help, i can do some sounds and sprites, programmings my best but you guys have PCs and i have a mac, so i can see what i can do…

i’d like to help too, but i’m not sure i’d be of much use…

i’m probably gonna be ass-raped for putting them inthe wrong section, but the only things i’ve done that could possibly be classed as ‘spriting’ are these two-

Link/Koopa Thingy
I took a M&L:SS Koopa and edited it (with paper/pencil) to make this, then drew it on paint
Fierce Deity Link
same with this one, but with a LoZ:AoL Link sprite

…I know…
they’re pretty crap

If you try you best and make a rpg looking sprite and i like it, you’re in. But, like P2D, I have to see your work first.

P.S. Ya, I know I have seen your work but if you can make something better, then I’ll let you on the team. Sorry, but that’s the way it’s gotta be…

There’s several types of RPG sprites you know, CM, like side-view, isometric view, 2D view (the sprite is facing the screen even though it moves up, down, left, and right.) Could you be a little more specific, or maybe give us an example?

In my sprite thread there is a pic of the leon sprite. Sorry it’s blurry but it may give you an idea of what I mean. My sprites
(Scroll down to the bottom to see the Leon sprite. Sorry for not being specific enough. ever played Final fantacy or Golden sun? Like that.)

I might be able to help some with character sprites.

I’ve sent an example of my work to you by PM.

Ok, that’s good, but will they be 8 directional? Plus, will there be a color limit or will it be limited just by the 32 bit-ness of GM?

Yes, 8 directional.
Still deciding. Probably not but… It all depends. For now I really don’t know.

I hate 8 dimensional moving… it’s so… blech

Well, here’s the interface, so far…

Looking pretty good so far.

EDIT: dazzy, you’re such a great spriter. I’d love for you to help.

Dazzy? That’d be a miracle and a half. Or at least pretty amazing.

If you want, I can program pretty well with GM. Not so much the language, if you’re using that, but other then that, I’m pretty set.
Aaaand what else can I do… um… yeah, yeah, that’s mostly it…

Do you have a website yet?

Soon. But I just got back from vacation so I haven’t been working on… anything, really.

Website? Nice, I can help with HTML and other crap, if you wish.

I’ll need all the help I can get. Thx! :stuck_out_tongue:

And I like to give all the help that I can give.