Rather have...

What would you rather buy?

  • Xbox 360
  • Nintendo Revolution
  • PS3
  • Revolution and 360
  • PS3 and 360
  • PS3 and Revolution
  • All
  • None
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I would buy all of them but my parents don’t want to buy all 3 but they said its ok to buy 2.So i would buy 360 and Revolution. 8)

I’m getting a Revo for sure, and a PS3 probably since Iga said they were doing a Castlevania for it… and I wouldn’t miss one of those for anything. :3

360 and rev thank you!
for halo 3 and mp3

probably PS3 and the revo. I’m not to big on Microsoft.

Obviously, I would want to get all of them.
The only bad thing about getting all of them is that they would take up to much space.
So I would have to get only one.

I would get the Rev.
If I can even aford it. :wink:

you like castlevania too eh?

anyway i would get the ps3 and rev. because of possibably a socom game and the castlevania games for the ps3 and mp3 for rev.


I completely understand. :wink:

Looks like evryone want their hands on the Rev; Question is when do you think your hands will be on it?

My guess is that I will hopefully have my giant hands on the Rev come my birthday. (June 2)

Nintendo Revolution. I hope it comes out soon…

PS3 and 360 why?Becouse Ps3=FF,castlevania,Killzone 2,GTA(BEST)
360=Ridge Racer 6,Halo 3,Call of Duty 2,Saints Row,Dead Or alive 4…
Revolution+NOthing,in my opinion it is horrible :frowning:

Care to elaborate on your opinion of the revo before the fanboys eat you alive for your biased opinion? I alread PM-warned you about that twice before. -_-

Well, looks like you never read anything about the Revolution, to say that… Don’t judge a book by its cover.

A very attractive cover at that. :smiley:

The REV fo sure man
anyone knows how much it gonna cost
hopefully not like the 360 :confused:

and I taken care of the problem of buying 2 consoles

my best friend buys the 360 so we can play halo
I buy the rev to play metroid :stuck_out_tongue:

The 360 is 500$ of the premium bundle, The rev is going to be $299, and the PS3 is going to be like $800. One of the developers for Playstation even stated that they expect people to get a second job to pay for the console.

PS3 = Metal Gear Solid 3, Castlevania

Xbox 360 = Elder Scrolls: Oblivion, Halo 3, uh, stuff

Rev = ZELDA.

of course with my money, Im not getting any of them. :confused:

AHEM! I think you’re forgetting something…

blankly stares at PG

Nope. XP

Now im sure as hell im getting ps3…u play as an old man in Metal Gear Solid 4…how cool is that?

That old man could snap your neck and take you out to dinner, and leave you with the bill 5 times before you fell to the ground.