Rapidfire Paint Crap Topic


Groudon, from memory, in thirty seconds. <_<


There’s no standard, and only one rule:

*If you’re going to post tons of images, link them. Unless they’re not big in file size.
(which is why I saved mine as two color .gifs =o )

And no obscene content, but that’s obvious.
Also you don’t need to post tons of images per post.

Go go go!

I want this topic to be more active than the MP3:C topic. >:o

I know it rather fails, but what heck…

It’s one my concepts for an assault platform for my next Metroid fangame.


Quit stealing my Work 072, everyone knows I made that. : )

Well 072 obviously didn’t.

Her nose isn’t squished by a hammer.


Oh, you’re just jealous.


I saw the hammer to the nose picture and I was inspried <_<
I GUESS I could contribute, though…

edit: Hah… I put the pictures right next to each other and they looked like one image <_<

more edit: Well, since I have no life for the night, and I have spiffy desktop trickery programs to mess with…
Much more of a fail than my other one.

I dunno what the hell that thing was SUPPOSED to be, but it turned into a frickin’ ninja turtle or something. A ninja turtle that is very unhappy with what is in his mouth. Hm…

Wow. That wins pretty hard. Now I have to work to up it.


now that i look back on them, they suck arse.

the blatant plagerism! 0.0

You’re going to draw or I’m going to force you.

Do you use a graphics tab? If you dont, Im impressed…

I use my optical mouse.

How about some rapidfire Maya crap? Probably not really eligible, but I don’t feel like posting it in my real art topic, but I do want to show it somewhere. >_>

sexy trooper.

That’s just wrong. X_x


XD The worst thing you could do to a trooper lmao

Well, I did make it in less than a minute, and it is paint crap.

Twilight Princess Spoilers.
Fun fact - I only beat the game recently, with an unspoiled ending, too.
The first bad one is without a reference btw.