Random stuff I drew

First thing I’m gonna post is 3000x3000 so I had to upload it to savefile

Its a completeley custom planet.

I’ll put more soon.

downloading…yep…ill edit this when i see it myself

Do you have Dial-up? Did you get a heart attack?

EDIT:Why isn’t anybody commenting?

looks pretty professional

It was pretty hard to do, so when I tried to do a quick moon, it sucked horribly.

so what did you make it in?

Gimp, I only started actually using it now, and I’m only gonna use it for huge images.

You’re gonna get way more replies if you just resize it and paste it here… cause 3.1 MB is not a healthy size. Plus, it’s like 3 times the size of the screen, and there are 0 reasons you’d ever need that. Resize it to like… 1000x1000, max, and that’s already 9 times less.

I did try to resize it, but it didn’t look as good, I might however add a small version soon.