random question: where are these sprites from?

I didnt know if this belonged in the graphics section or in here, so, w/evr.
anyway, I found these robot sprites when searching in google. And I thought, those would be perfect for the fangame i want to make, problem is, i cant find any others like them. So i was wondering if anyone knows what game they are from or where i can find more of them. here they are:

dont ask why they dont have heads, you dont want to know. :angry:

i think this thread is for P2d questions only…

and, i have no idea where theyre from =p

well then where should i have put the question?

umm… probably graphics board, although its possible to put it in fangames too, as it will be in a fangame.

can someone move it to the graphics board then? thanx

Don’t wory help is on the way! These sprites are from the game: drumroll
Gundam Wing: Endless Duel
I believe that game was japanese only. If you don’t know what Gundam Wing is, it is an anime made in japan (called New Mobile Report: Gundam W in Japan). Have a nice day :slight_smile:

thanx sooooo much! Now i can make my game. goes off to look for more gundam sprites

I ripped a few sprites from that very same game. I can’t find them at the moment, but if I can later, ya want some?

(I have erase this, sorry for the spam), I have seen a few good site that have gundam wing sprites somewhere.

That’s… nice. And totally off topic and COMPLETELY useless information. Thank you for your wonderfully productive spam.

Hell, when did Seed ever even come close to being mentioned? It’s a completely different universe. And even if it wasn’t, it’s still off topic.

I will erase that and I think I have found some gundam wing sprites somewhere cant remember.

I have found some site:
panelmonkey- game sprites

Game Sprite Archives

that is all I found.

thanks but I will be needing all frames for all fighters, therefore I will be ripping the
sprites myself.

That would save me some time so yes. Thank you.

EDIT- Are there two dif versions of the game? Cuz the one i have is Jap of course but is
the game supposed to be an arcade fighting type game? Cuz I thought it was an action
adventure shooter type game, i could be wrong. :blush:

Ok, my question ties in with your latest question:

That game was a fighting game, you know, Street Fighter style. That means that the sprites are limited if you’re planning to make it an action-adventure-shooter game. So, my question is what kind of game are you planning to make?

it will be similar to gundam wing, i was just wondering if there were dif versions of the game. thanks for clearing it up :smiley: