random game

this is probably the least metroidy fangame ever. First off there is no samus, and the game has almost nothing todo with metroid. The main character is some kid who is playing metroid in his neighborhood. Theres no plot yet, but im thinkin of something.

It has metroid music and i tried to give it a metroidy gameplay

It took me about a year to make (with lots of breaks in between). Origanly the demo was only gonna be shorter (the first world), and now i wanted it to be longer then it is (the entire first level). Now its up to the first boss, who is completly done except for his health (you only need to shoot him once).

items you can get:

long beam
sketchers (high jump)
summer-sault lessons (morphball)
explosive donuts (morphball bombs)

please tell me any glitches, there are a couple i know of but have no idea how to fix, but it is possible to win

ummmm… i think thats it

heres the link

Demo (now its faster!)

Hey! My game is the most un-Metroidy game on this site! It doesn’t even mention “Metroid”! I’m gonna sue you :imp: :imp: :imp: :imp: :imp: :imp: :imp: :imp: :E

oh! im so sorry! :astonished: wats your game?

Show him the kungfu you know kungfu guy.good luck!

LOL I was kidding

Uh i think we should go back on topic.But all that was funny though.

In the time it took me to load that game…

…I had a conversation about Windows Vista with my brother. Which started on minute four. And I think Duke Nukem Forever was released.


I’ve missed out on so much in the world now…

lol. wow it does take a long time to load, or maybe the cimputer im using now is really bad. i hope this isnt happening to everybody :astonished:

If I understand what I’m looking at your game starts up using the Windows DOS emulator?..That stings.

soooo… has anyone actually played my game?

I did, for a little bit after it loaded.

It was pretty nice, actually. I liked how you implemented ledge-grabbing. >_>

OK! theres a theres a new link and now it only takes a few seconds to download!

Whoa. I just played/beat it. That’s way better than what I thought it was the first time.
Tips: make the physics not godawful. Add some animations. Then you’ll have a fangame that’s not too awful.