raise ur handif u know how to code

i need to learn to code for my game i’m makeing. it is basikley a doom-like(the realy old doom u can get on x box arcade not the movie ormars spacestation one) halo, god of war, and a little assins creed mystery and othe cool shiznit. yet i said shiz nit because if i say s$#@i’ll get in some deep shiznit. so does anyone know how to code an easy way to code. thanks :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:> :smiley:> :smiley:>

  1. You’re not “makeing” a game if you haven’t started making it and don’t have the tools necessary to make it. You’re hoping to make it. A hope that is statistically unlikely to be realized (a near 0 probability, as a matter of fact).
  2. You’re not even in the right section.
  3. That said, a very good beginner language is BASIC. It won’t let you make very complex games, because of how stupidly slow it runs, but that’s where you’ll want to start learning about programming. Game Maker is also very nice for beginning, but you still won’t likely be able to make a complete game on your first try. Someone else may have better suggestions, though, I’m not exactly a skilled coder.