Quick Question

Will we get a warning or banned if we diss P2D?

Why? Do you plan on dissing P2D any time soon? :stuck_out_tongue:

It depends on what you mean. If you say that you personally don’t think that it is a bad idea, then that’s fine.

Just curious. So we cant say P2D is just a waist of time?
Thats what I mean by dissing.

If you do say that, you better explain why you think that. Don’t give me ‘mp3d i5 teh sux0r’ talk or I’ll take some drastic measurements :>_>:

Oh, no I dont do that. I think thats just dumb when people do that.
There is one thing that I am surprised about. you guys have a team
of like, 100 people. How do you orginise all them? Do you have
goals for the team such as “Try to finish these sprites by thursday”?
I was wondering if you actually do that.

The truth is, we only have less than 10 people. Only about 4 of them have done any work whatsoever this month. The three core active members are still DestroyerF, Slothien483, and I. Daz and MH sorta came back early september, but then left again.

Our organization is limited when some people are to busy to do things for p2d.