I noticed in another topic that someone got the phazon beam while fighting ridley.I too have this code, but when i turn it on,it doesn’t do anything.Anyone know how to activate it?It’s been bugging me for awhile.

I’ve tried this over and over again, but it doesnt work for me either.

my action replay doesn’t have mp2e.I tried doing a code,but the explanation is so awful, that all i can get are these green letterings with no check box.Can someone give me a walkthrough on how to make codes?The sites don’t help at all.

I think you hit Power Beam code while it’s already equipped (that is, tap C-up twice) to use the Phazon Beam, but I can’t help with your other question.

tried that.just does the sound that i cant perform that action.(the sound you get if you try to unmorph in a tunnel)

That’s odd. Perhaps it’s a PAL code on NTSC game or vice versa?

maybe it means you have it,but you can only use it in the end.maybe i have to speciffically make a code so i can overwrite the power beam.problem:i can’t do code.

No, that’s not the problem. I think you have a code for the wrong format. Or maybe it needs a Master Code first.

master code?

edit: i am totally pissed right now :angry: I just spent an hour typing mp2e codes.guess what?!it didn’t do shit!

MP2E codes? I thought your problem was MP1…

just trying to get mp2e codes while i wait for replies.

Again, are you certain you’re using the proper format?

The phazon beam isn’t even in MP2:E is it? Sorry if i’m wrong, i never got past the spider ball guardian…

No it isn’t. But I think he meant MP1, then went on to talk about MP2.

There are 3 sets of codes for the game; Player’s Choice NTSC, normal NTSC, and the PAL set. I’ve tried every single one of them, and the code never works. It must just be an AR glitch for the Player’s Choice version.

Wait, you have the Player’s Choice right?

Yeah, it is in the game. If you count the phazon particle beam-thing. >_> Which there is a code for using.

There’s a code for using THAT? How would that work? There’s no phazon to absorb anywhere else.

I have no idea. I think you just hold A to charge your beam and it works.

all the other cheats work fine(except for the moon stops functioning if you exit the game)how can i tell what version i have?my box says best of show e3 2002 in a red circle.

Is there a yellow strip at the top that says Player’s Choice?