question about P2d

How will you make rooms in 2d that have 4 doors in the 3d version?

If you doont know, nmaybe you could have a button you press and it rotates the room so theres like t rooms with a cross in it. just a suggestion, but I was just wordering how you were gonna do it.

That won’t be so hard, a good map design is all you need. Look at mzm and super metroid, those games had 4 or more doors in 1 room.

It just depends on good map design :wink:

They would be separated along the y (vertical) axis, I would assume. I don’t recall any rooms that have more than two doors aligned at the same level, though.

Well, speaking of map designing, I posted a map on the Fangame section.

iI can create maps, but drawing isn’t my specialty.

Is it possible to join the team and help create the game?
I hope it’s not too late,

Well, sorry for kind of changing the topic…

We already have mappers.

Oh, I mean by Enviroment Building. Sorry for being unclear. There are only 2 people on the team, and I was wondering if I could help in any way.

i dont mean in metroid prime, one on top of eachother, like a door in each corner of the room. you know how its 3d and all.