Question about MP1

You know when you find missles or energy tanks in walls but don’t know which one to shoot or missle it I was wondering if the regular scan can scan where exactly where the missle or energy tanks so if you try to waste in a room where you think a missle tank or energy tank but you don’t find any missles, etc. Because its hard finding missles or energy tanks in the game usually you don’t find them in the open and they are in a wall that you can shoot or explode I was just wondering because I was playing it today.

I think you’re talking about scanning a section of a wall to find where the missle/energy tank is exactly. Usually it tells you what the wall is made of if you scan it. So the only accurate way to find a missle/energy tank is to use the x-ray visor

I like MP2 better. It’s easier to find blow-uppable walls. The entire section just highlights on your visor. Too bad it wasn’t like that in the original though.

I allready beaten MP1 but I am playing it on hard now and when I used the x-ray visor at my last game I don’t think it sees through walls but thanks for the advice for the x-ray visor I will try harder.

Scanning works. another thing to do is look for different colors, cracks, or giant out of place rocks in walls. also you’ll here this strange sound closer you are to an expansion (whuuuuUUU, whuuuuUUU, whuuuuUUU) so listen for that if you’re not positive if you’re even close to an expansion. Then again they aren’t always right behind walls.

Or you could just use a guide. I try not to use guides of any of my games, but sometimes you just need a little push in the right direction.

I never ever heard the “whuuuu” sound. I got full marks on my hearing test though.

I’ve heard that.

me too… is like a “virtual rotation” if you know what i mean

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Anyway, if you can’t hear it, just go listen to some of these videos. Start with the one in the upper-left corner of that page–At the end of it, when Samus falls off the bomb slot and rolls into the halfpipe, it comes in fairly loudly. It also plays in the beginning, but I doubt anyone who hasn’t heard it enough would recognize it then.

The sound covers a lot of ranges, so it’s more of a concentration thing. Once you’ve heard it enough times you can just sense when there’s an item around…

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Yeah that vid is cool. I heard it normally but you need to max out your TVs volume…

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