Quality Laptop Manufacturers?

I come humbly to you seeking advice about laptop manufacturer brands. I am interested in:
1] Gaming capability, and
2] Quality/longevity.

I would prefer a 15 or 17 inch with full 1920 x 1080 resolution. I would also like to have the opportunity to take the laptop to at least 2 classes in succession (2 hour battery life minimum) to take notes. Price is also a consideration. I would like to keep it close to $1250. As far as the video card, I’m looking for at least a GeForce 650. In addition, I would prefer a model with the new 3rd generation core i processors from Intel.

Which brands do you guys swear by? For reference, the most likely items I’m looking to buy are in the Asus G series (gaming laptops) and MSI’s gaming line. The following brands are all under consideration by me, though:


Let me know what you guys think.
In particular, these models look enticing:

Wanna buy mine? It’s not full 1080p, but I can cut you a heluva deal.

Can you PM me specs or post them here? I’m not really interested in a used laptop, but if the deal is good enough I may consider it.