Yes, I’d just like to inform you, and anyone else that may listen, that I have created an RPG game using the RPG Maker 2003 program called The Quadforce. It’s going through some last-minute testing and should be up and online soon. Just thought you should know as it is my pride and joy…despite the fact that compared to the sequel I already started making, it sucks. While not technically a “Fan Game” it does pay homage to numerous other series, ranging from Metroid to Final Fantasy. Plus, it’s awesome.

(P.S. I’m getting really sick of coming up with new random crap to put in these P.S.'s)

EDIT: Check my post a few things down for more details, but for people just checking this topic out, here’s the game:


And the program needed (I think) to run it:


please, tell me that you are making the sequel in RPGmaker XP right?

in anycase (sounded just like Liquid Snake XD) when you will get the game uploaded? i am making my own RPG and want to see how game your are(or it’s “is”? i don’t remember gahhh…:blush:)

ah and don’t worry, i will not steal anything from you, except the events models :smiling_imp:

Uh no. I have some serious skill with RPG Maker 2003 now, and that’s one of the reasons the sequel will be so much better. If I tried to adapt to the newer program it would take even longer for it to come out. Plus, from the research I did, I like 2003 more. Why do you ask? It should be coming out after my friend finishes playing through it, so I know whether or not I need to make some last-minute changes.

(P.S. The power of the Quadforce compels you!)

ah, i cant wait till the sequel… MR D ROOLS!!!

oops, spoilers :blush:

where can i find the game???

RM2K3 is indeed a much better program than RMXP.

However, at least with the versions I have, the program itself is needed to play the games made with it. Just to throw that out there in case it becomes a problem later.

So you need RPG Maker 2003 to play RPGM games? Isn’t that kind of… needless? And RPG Maker doesn’t really seem malleable to me after reading through the website (TWO ways to show fights? Zomg!)… meh, I hate all kinds of GUI game programmers so w/e.

I don’t know why it would be needless. Most computers lack magical powers that allow them to open anything. It’s not hard to get, and its free, so it’s not a big problem. I found after looking on Google. And I said already its not quite up yet, I’m having a friend play through it. It was originally supposed to be a test for the program, but I ended up liking the program so I kept at it. I redid a lot, but it’s still not the best it could be…people will probably notice certain points of the game that are head-and-shoulders above the rest. Anyways, while he’s playing that, I’m testing some new things out for the second one that I started, but that probably won’t be out for a while.

(P.S. Final bosses RULE!)

You wouldn’t think having to download a program to play your games
would be a problem, but from my experience it was. People never started
playing my game until I started releasing excutables.

If anyone plays Dragon Fable then they will know that the Quad force is actually a part of there game, AND it is ALL copy-righted.

Yeah…what the crap are you talking about? I’ve never heard of Dragon Fable before, and I’m glad to see that despite your lack of knowledge about ANYTHING in this game, you imply that I stole the idea from something else. I don’t know who or what they or it are or is in Dragon Fable, but in my game, they represent four conflicting crystals, and the four guys who hold them. It is based off a joke me and four others had in school, which is quite apparent in the second half of the game.

(P.S. I looked up DragonFable on Wikipedia, and it doesn’t say anything about quads, forces, or even kittens. I believe you that they have it, but either it’s not a big deal, or I’m looking in the wrong place. Either way, this is my own idea. Sprites and music…not so much me. But the actual gameplay, plot, and characters are mine.)

lol this game is goin to be sweet!

im helping. a bit. like sprites for 1 character. thats how i know.

HA! I finally finished it, and got it online! This is the link. Feel free to tell me I suck, because this game is better than it initially looks…


If it doesn’t work, or something’s up, ask me and I’ll see what I can do. I’m reasonably sure you need RPG Maker 2003, program, which is free, and can be found by typing RPG Maker 2003 on Google. But you might not, so if you want to try that, go for it.

This is a game I’ve been working on for a while. It is my first foray into this program, and I’ve actually gotten a lot better since I made it. I’ve been refining it for a while.

Anyways, the game’s about these four guys who made it their mission to stop fiends and save people. The game follows one of their more…intense…missions. The combat is fun, but nothing special, but the dialogue, I think is very good, and the game can get surprisingly addictive. It’s longer than it initially appears, as all good RPG’s should be, but still not a very long game. I would guess, depending on how much extras someone gets, it can take between ten and fifteen hours to play through. I’ve already started work on the sequel, which I think will be ten times (Literally) better than this pretty good game.

Here’s a link for the program:


(P.S. My life has meaning again.)

Hey I’ve just recently played this game (in full) and I highly recommend it, it’s a great game. You should really play it, it starts off a little slow, but once you play it more, you will find yourself addicted to the game, and before you even know it you will find yourself addicted to the game.

I’m planning on it, but I haven’t been able to the past couple of days…
Having to download RPGMaker is more of a setback than you’d think.

Why? What’s the problem? Because you honestly don’t need to do anything WITH the program, just have it. Has any one tried playing it without the program? I’m not sure if that would work or not…

(P.S. How come people say “Head’s Up!” when they actually want you to put it down?)

That’s the problem though: some people have parents that are afraid of downloading anything. That’s why I haven’t played it.

Oh, I forgot, I was gonna propagandize, but I got distracted.

I played it, and it was super duper awesome =D
The battle system could use a bit of work, and it’s slightly glitchy, but it’s entertaining, pretty good at hooking you in, and other good things. The plot as far as I played seemed to be lacking, and the “video games don’t make sense” jokes got way overused, but it’s a good game overall. 8/10.

Love the pirates of the carribean music…

Yeah, it glitches a bit during battle, like the background isn’t right at first, but it changes after a bit. The battle is kinda fast. The text is hard to read. And the music? LOL I was surprised at the fact that pirates was in it. Oh, and Mike looked like a girl.

The “don’t make sense jokes” were overused? I’m sorry, I thought I stopped those by the third world…thing. Thank you very much for playing, I got like five downloads last night, so I’m still kind of giddy.

Now for the big scary question…How far in the game did you guys get? I’m curious to see how the game progresses in the minds of others. Post back, and make my day!

(P.S. If a triangle is 180 degrees, and a square has four 90 degree angles than a square must be 360 degrees, meaning that two triangles equals a square. If you don’t believe me, just cut a square in half diagonally.)