PV sprites and tiles

Ok, I plan on making a Metroid fan game,
Metroid:the Phazon Virus.

But anyway, when I begin my topic for it you’ll find out more.

For now, I’m giving sneak peaks at whats gunaa be in it…

Note: This is Samus, and, I know it looks a lot like zero mission Samus, however, it is NOT an edit. I used Zero mission Samus to give me an idea about the proportions, that’s all.

Totally unrealistic shading, low detail, etc., but I like it anyway. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, keep the style consistent, is should work out.
Though PLEASE, no more phazon!

Well, if you guys don’t want phazon involved, I guess I can tweak the story a little, but anyway, I started work on Pirate mech drones… nastly like things that shoot at you.

See, nasty and little.

Edit: Ok, I feel the drones only need one frame and two postions, so the drones are now complete.

Well, at least you can sprite, and intend on contributing to your game. Hell, I’d be helping, but the problem is school. Painful, and a few projects are due soon, so, can’t help. Love to, but can’t. Good luck, though.

If you find the time, I could always use extra hands. But, I have schoolwork too, so it may be a while before any demo is release, first I need to fininsh samus, get some backgrounds done, and then there’s the tiles, so, if you have the time, thanks.

Edit: Here’s a few tiles from the first location.

Please give constructive criticism, or just cooment.