Punch Out PSP

I am making a new Punch Out game which was Originally made for NES and IM remaking it to be put onto the PSP.I know someone who can translate Game Maker games ontot he psp and play them but I seriously need help making the game.I need sriters, gfx people, some people who have a bti of game maker exp etc.

Plz I really need help on the game.If any of you could have some spare time to come and help out then this project will be a real success!I have already made a title screen btw but I really need more.Please if you can, register there and plz help me make ths game.I need more than just myself to have a complete remake of the game.

If this went in General Games, it’d be understandable. Fangames, it’d be perfect. What the hell says to put it in General? :stuck_out_tongue:

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And “plz” try to type coherently. No one will take you seriously if your spelling skills make you look about eight years old. >_>

How do you do a game for PSP, me wonders.

Not totally sure, but I know it’s capable of emulating things and using the internet, so it wouldn’t surprise me if this was possible…

Games for the psp? They’re coded in C, C++ or something like that… it has a C in it. :confused:

And to ‘convert’ them, I’d think you’d need to write the scripts in a psp understandable

language. You might be able to use the windows emulator for gamemaker games, but

I’m not so sure… But if it’s code worked on the nes, and it didn’t use a special chipset

(for instance, Castlevania) then you could just use a psp compatible nes emulator.

“You might could”? lmao.

it is possible since you can get an x86 emulator that can run windows but it would be unbelievably slow to run gm games with

i have a question! why do you even want to put super punch out on the psp, the ds would be understandable cause its a nintendo game, but on a psp.
you insult the good name of nintendo sir! i say good day!

Because it’s the only way to get a portable version without Nintendo releasing one?

errr, no its not!
the ds can run emulators but you need to get the right software and the video player.

when i get the money, im gonna get one cause you can play games like monkey island and indiana jones: fate of atlantis.

…The DS can not run emulators.

Well, the DS might have that ability, but with its low processing power and its inability to

connect to a computer, it can’t do it for the moment, but I guess it could technically use

its wireless connection to download software, but you’d somehow have to patch its OS (if

you can call it that) first. So, I have no idea how you could make it work.

well you have to use a video player, wipe its bios, then set it up to run different files. some flash memory cards already allow you to play games but i dont know where you can get them from.

i think a more correct version would be that no emulators have been ported to the ds

also, don’t forget about ds flash carts :wink:

theres one or 2 emulators floating around like the scumm emulator.
it allows you to play old lucas arts point and click games by using the stylus.
it looks impressive but you have to push L to change the button click but it comes up what button its on.

I have NES,SNES,GBA,SMS and NDS Emulator in my NDS…

Lua is the perfect coding language for PSP
too complicated though

nintendo-ds.dcemu.co.uk and psp-news.dcemu.co.uk are great places for homebrew software.

“no rom and emulator links
read the rules”

Well… there is’nt just emulators there…
There are some nice legal homebrew software there too.

no rom and emulator links
read the rules

Ouchie… but still I think the links are apropos of this thread.